Our team


Conraad Geza de Rosner

A South African, Chief of Operations and Head Trainer Conraad has twenty-six years bush experience under his belt. He has specialized for the last 17 years in training and working with canine units in the anti-poaching arena.

Conraad leads a formidable team, all members of which have extensive experience working with K9 anti-poaching units and have wide first-hand knowledge of the unique situations facing Rangers in the field.

Due to the very dangerous nature of their work, many choose to remain anonymous.


Michael Polleman

Dutch-born Michael is Director of our canine breeding and training facility in Morocco. He has over twenty years experience in creating and working with top quality service dogs, primarily for the Royal Dutch Police Force.

Vianna von Weyhausen

Vianna, Founder and Director of Canines for Africa, was born in Zimbabwe. A life-long conservationist and philanthropist, she has a variety of wildlife experience, including fieldwork, fundraising, advising, management and start-ups. She has lived in Morocco for the past 12 years.

Everyone involved with Canines for Africa has highly ethical standards, and abides by the law in all circumstances.

Our partners

k9 conservation

A large part of Canines for Africa´s success in the field comes from its partnership with K9 Conservation, which provides an exceptional level of training for both Rangers and Canines

HOPE logo

We have a fiscal and working partnership with the US 501(c)3 - H.O.P.E (Humanitarian Operations Protecting Elephants)


The salaries of K9 handlers trained by us are covered through the generosity of WESSA, The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa, who also graciously offer their invaluable expertise.

China tiger revival

In the United Kingdom, our partnership is with China Tiger Revival – a registered charity able to claim Gift Aid from Her Majesty’s government


Canines for Africa works with Veterans, providing both re-training of veteran K9 handlers, and support-dogs for ex-servicemen and woman. Our partner in these ventures is Veteran´s Training Fund.